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On June 1st, 2022, The Mexican Shack owners Steve & Mary Delzio announced their retirement in a bittersweet letter to their loyal and beloved customers. The news broke out in The Somers Record and attracted national attention by The National Jeweler.

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From Humble Beginnings,

We've Never Forgotten


1973: The Beginning 

The year was 1973 when Steve Delzio journeyed out West where he became immersed in the Native American and Mexican culture. While planning a trip back home to Somers, New York to make it in time for his parents 25th anniversary, he decided to bring with him a van full of merchandise from the West to sell and fund his trip back home. Impressed by his selection, he was given offers from various buyers to venture back to the land that sparked his imagination and stock up once again with more hand-made treasures.

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1975: The Mexican Shack is Born

After two years of developing relationships with Native American artists from the West while attending trade shows in Phoenix and roundtable sessions in Mesa, his admiration and eye for recognizing quality in Native American jewelry strengthens. By 1975, Steve Delzio rented a 600 square foot space to display his careful selection of handmade merchandise from his trips to Arizona, New Mexico and Mexico. Steve continues to make several trips a year to the region where turquoise is mined and jewelry is meticulously crafted by hand.

1981: The Mexican Shack is featured in North County News

"When you visit The Mexican Shack, with its shelves marked with brilliant colors, the soft sheen of silver and semi-precious stones and muted tones of fibers woven and fringed, shafts of bright sunlight and the glow of fluorescent spill onto the heritage that is the Indian and the Mexican, illuminating their talents."

North County News, May 1981


1989: Construction Begins

To kick off the upcoming decade, The Mexican Shack purchased property and began construction of what will be its new home. The new Mexican Shack's expansion  provided more than 4,000 square feet of space.

1990: The Grand Opening

The Mexican Shack's grand opening on June 23rd attracted more than 3,000 people. 

"A sound reputation and Delzio's in stocking southwestern handcrafted merchandise follows him. His clientele just know what's waiting inside the expansive cedar-shingled building."

North County News, July 1990

1998: The Mexican Shack named "The best of the West" by The Record-Review

"Packed to the rafters with fantastic turquoise and silver and terra-cotta straight from the source, The Mexican Shack quickly earned its rep as 'The Place' to buy Native American jewelry and crafts."

The Record-Review, December 1998

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2007, 2011 & 2015 :

Featured in The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles

"The high quality Indian jewelry designs and materials, along with fine craftsmanship, attracts a devoted following. Their pieces reflect an inherent awareness of popular culture, while still paying tribute to their cultural routes. Steve Delzio, owner of The Mexican Shack, Somers, New York, sells high quality Indian jewelry and is an IACA (Indian Arts and Crafts Association) member."

The IACA is a nonprofit organization committed to "support the effective protection and ethical promotion of authentic Native American arts and material culture."

-The Journal of Antiques and Collectables, August 2007

On December 13th, 2017 the Somers Chamber of Commerce honored The Mexican Shack owner Steve Delzio for years of contributions to the community. The dedication to his community can be exemplified by his commitment to education and preservation of historical artifacts. 

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