Blue-tiful is our collection of fun and versatile designer pieces, handmade using  semi-precious gemstones like Labradorite, Kingman Turquoise and Lapis and carefully placed diamond and stone embellishments.

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Created by Nature.

Designed with Inspiration.

Fossil coral with faceted citrine and diamond accents in 18k yellow gold

Fire agate with 14k yellow gold bezel and diamond accents

Tri-color amber pendant in cognac, butterscotch, and green amber set in sterling silver

Oxidized sterling silver and gold filled with embellishments

Amber pendant with

ebony wood accent

14k yellow gold with blue petrified opalized wood

Turquoise cameo face with 14k yellow gold and oxidized sterling silver

14k yellow gold with dendritic agate and diamond accent on oxidized sterling silver 


Designer jewelry that is

Discovered at 

Photographed from left: Baroque pearl pendant with 14k yellow gold barnacles 

Sterling silver oxidized solar system pendant and black and white pearl on hematite beads

A memorable gift deserves to be

beautifully wrapped.


We offer complimentary gift wrapping using our colorful packaging to add a special touch to your gift. 

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